Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me

By Ella Peeters

At the age of eleven, I was lucky enough to travel to New Zealand with my mum. We ventured our way across the North Island to many cities such as Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua. Despite some of the unfortunate smells, especially in Rotorua, my mum and me,with Aunty Susan as our tour guide, came to realise just how breathtaking little New Zealand is. Four years later, I am still mesmorised with our world and the magic it has to offer, particularly within the environment.
In 4 weeks I will begin year 11 which means another step closer to the end of school and deciding my future. This leads me on to wonder about the sort of jobs I would be interested in and how I can combine all my passions into one, unforgettable job. So far, the only answer I can come up with is to become a travel blogger, which I’m assuming is pretty similar, if not the same thing, to a travel journalist.
Whenever I would go on a holiday, I would always write up a to-do list and at the top of that,would be my beloved camera (or phone, really whatever I had on me at the time). I believe that if you ever visit a spectacular place, you must take a photo of it. Of course the place doesn’t have to be spectacular. If it were me I would take a photo of anything. Taking photos is an awesome thing. It allows you to forever hold onto a memory, providing of course, you don’t lose your SD card.
If I were to become a travel journalist, how exciting would it be to fly across the world to some of the most exotic destinations – whilst also taking photos.
And on top of that, combine everything into one story that, just like the photo, will stay with you forever.
Because of my love of photography, I will of course include a snippet of photos from New Zealand and my camping trips down south. The snow and waterfall pictures were taken in NZ, whilst the beach photos were shot in Western Australia, firstly Albany (2012), secondly Augusta (2015) and thirdly Yanchep (2015).

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October 13, 2015 at 6:27 am

Brilliant Job, Ella!

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