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The four abilities you need to save your career

In today’s workplace, the average person will go through four complete career changes. Why?

It could be their area has been overtaken by technology, moved offshore, or there is a shrinking of opportunities.

The number of redundancies people experience in their career is testament to this.

To get ahead in your career and become an indispensable asset to the business, there are four key abilities you MUST focus and expand on:

  • Influence

Unless you have influence within your workplace, why would anyone want to employ you? What is your influence in your workplace?

  • Self-awareness

Are you one of the many people who need to be patted on the back when you do a good job – or are you able to do good work without immediate recognition?

  • Learning agility

Can you adapt to change? If so, this is a real advantage. Or are you so stuck things just get harder and harder and you become frustrated and unhappy. This is a great way to get early redundancy – or even worse – dismissal.

  • Managing relationships

No matter how big the business, if you can’t manage both the difficult and the easy people, then you are unfortunately heading straight to the dole queue.

Knowing and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is difficult for most people.

They don’t even know where to start, or the questions to ask.

The answer to a great and successful career is finding out these basic traits.

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Mike Peeters of Mike Peeters Media is a contributing writer for the Australian Institute of Management WA (AIM WA), and full-time freelance Web and Facebook copywriter for businesses large and small. Located in Perth, WA, if you need a copywriter who really understands what works for you and your business, please contact Mike on

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