‘Procrastination plus’ for Me and My Left Brain

The film Me and My Left Brain relies heavily on the theory that most people are either ‘left-brained’ or ‘right-brained’: meaning one side of the brain is dominant.

If the theory is correct, and you are mostly analytical and methodical in your thinking, you are said to be ‘left-brained’.

However, if you tend to be more creative or artistic – you are thought to be ‘right-brained’.

This concept works really well in this new engaging romantic comedy from Australian writer, actor and director Alex Lykos: creator of Alex & Eve.

The film is an amusing, sometimes rambling affair that follows the dating and career misfortunes of Arthur: a mostly unemployed actor played by Lykos.

A confused and disorganised soul with a heart of gold, Arthur also has an ever-present sidekick (played by Mal Kennard – Catching Milat), who takes on the role of the aforementioned ‘left side’ of the brain.

Throughout the film, Arthur’s unseen ‘inner critic’ (Kennard) does not hesitate in offering him some choice pieces of advice regarding his job opportunities, current girlfriend, and the dating scene in general.

While Arthur prevaricates and procrastinates about so many aspects of his current rocky relationship, (in a very ‘Woody Allen-like’ way), his left-brain is always on hand to ‘put him right’, and make some more practical suggestions.

For example, when Arthur is saying goodbye to his new girlfriend Helen (Chantelle Barry – Entourage) after their second date, his left brain urges him to kiss her and take control of the situation.

Instead, and somewhat weakly, Arthur caves into the signals from the right brain, and just gives her a kiss on the cheek.

This goes on for several months until Arthur is literally almost tearing his hair out at his own reticence and ineptitude.

Fortunately, the film is livened up by strong performances from both Kennard, and Arthur’s attractive neighbour and good friend in the film, Vivien (Rachael Beck of Hey Dad fame).

The all-jazz score is by award-winning composer Cezary Skubiszewski (Red Dog, The Sapphires, Two Hands) and provides a lively accompaniment to the film.

Me and My Left Brain is showing at Luna Leederville from May 28, 2019.

Me and My Left Brain cast

By Mike Peeters









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