23 Walks is a charming romantic drama

23 Walks is a ‘walk in the park’ for acclaimed director

Charming and esoteric, 23 Walks is the new romantic drama from Paul Morrison, who was Oscar-nominated for his debut feature Solomon & Gaenor.

Starring Alison Steadman and Dave Johns, 23 Walks is a warm and engrossing film that touches the heart and proves it can still be possible to find love later in life.

When two middle-aged singles – retired receptionist Fern (Alison Steadman) and former nurse Dave (Dave Johns) – meet walking their dogs on a North London common, sparks begin to fly.

However, as the old saying goes: ‘the course of true love seldom runs smooth’, and as the film progresses, it emerges that both parties are withholding secrets that threaten to overturn the relationship.

The action unfolds over the 23 dog walks taken by the two in the course of the film, and there are excellent performances from Johns and Steadman; complemented by some of the most beautiful English scenery as a backdrop.

Steadman is an award-winning actress (Pride & Prejudice, Gavin & Stacey, Orphan Black, Life is Sweet), while Johns starred in Palme D’Or winner, I, Daniel Blake, Fisherman’s Friends and The Keeper.

Both veteran actors are totally comfortable in their roles – even when some of the aforementioned dark secrets begin to emerge later in the film – prompting an overwhelming sense of apprehension that everything will go pear-shaped.

23 Walks is a fine example of how English cinema has still got what it takes, with a bitter-sweet storyline that captivates its audience; while also proving the indomitability of the human spirit.

23 Walks starts on Thursday, July 30 at Luna Cinemas Leederville.

23 Walks is a charming romantic drama
23 Walks is a charming romantic drama.

By Mike Peeters

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